Monday, November 21, 2011

What should I do for my skin???

Ok, I'm really bad and I have never used facial moisturizer before. I have severe combination skin! The last year or so I have been getting zits all over my chin and nothing I use seems to get rid of them. On the other hand, my cheeks are so dry. I am going to be turning 30 this month and I realize it's time to do something before I start getting wrinkles. On the good side, I must still look younger because I still get carded and asked if I'm a student when I attend my cousin's high school events.

I want to start doing better but I have no idea what kind of moisturizer to use since I am prone to severe acne on my chin only. I never had this problem when I was a teenager but now I'm making up for it.

Thanks for all serious answers. And I know I should have been taking better care of my skin so don't yell at me, lol. I'm going to do it now and I can't make up for the past.

What should I do for my skin???
My bf uses the nivea for men series, they make his skin soft and doesn't smell girly. He's in his mid-20's, don't have much acne problem except getting a single zit here and there once awhile. However he said when he used to have zits and dry skin in areas, he used Biore moisturizer, it controls the acne pretty well and moisturizes nicely.

good luck

Marks/Scar on skin?

When I was younger I had a few wars on my fingers. I had them removed by a doctor, but now the skin where they cut them is raised and you can tell. I want to know how to get rid of them. Or how much it would be to have them professionally done like cosmetically. I have three of them. all smaller than half inch either way.

Marks/Scar on skin?;lr=%26amp;n...
Reply:You need proper skin care for that read some tips on it on this site

Have you ever spilled hot grease on your skin?

I was frying some french-fries when I was younger and the pot turned over. I'm lucky I didn't burn my skin.

Have you ever spilled hot grease on your skin?
Yes! I was frying bacon and the grease splatteted , it left me a nasty scar
Reply:bacon grease popped all over my arm one time, it hurt so bad
Reply:i spilled grease on my skin but it wasn't hot

~chocolate lover

Overlapping skin!!?

Ok, I have had 4 kids and alot of stretch marks came with them. I just had my youngest about a month ago. Now, due to the weight loss, my stomach overlaps. I have been noticing that the skin in the middle of the flap is getting sensitive. Now today when I was getting ready to shower I noticed that it was bleeding a little bit. What is causing this, and what can I do to stop this?

Overlapping skin!!?
Its caused by friction of the skin surfaces, its also possible to get fungus infection when the skin is broken (they smell bad so you would know you had one). You need to get the area healed first. Use Eucerin cream (from the chemist) to heal it and then keep the area clean and dry and apply talc to keep it dry during the day.

Why does my skin turn red so easily?

everytime i work out or lift or do some athletic ability or im in a place with a lot of bright lights like a store, my skin gets really red. what is the cause of this? it never happened when i was younger.

Why does my skin turn red so easily?
The capillaries in your skin open up when you exercise. You are increasing blood flow throughout your body, which is good. You are probably also overheating yourself somewhat, because this is a mechanism to circulate blood close to the surface where it can cool off. The benefit of it is that the blood brings more nutrients to your skin while its there.
Reply:because ur old i guess
Reply:I didn't used to be like that but am now - maybe it is age?
Reply:your just getting old take some hyphy juice onc3 in a while gte crunked
Reply:I t is an example of cholinergic urticaria ......................................

....... A form of physical or nonallergic urticaria initiated by heat (hot baths, physical exercise, pyrexia, exposure to sun or to a warm room) or by excitement; the rather distinctive lesions consist of pruritic areas 1–2 mm in diameter surrounded by bright red macules. It is also known heat urticaria .
Reply:person above me looks perhaps a perfect dermatologist he is right it is an example of CHOLINERGIC URTICARIA.
Reply:i thought u killed yourself
Reply:I suffer from a skin disorder where I am sensitive to sunlight and all sorts of light you may be expierncing this in a mild way but be carfull as you get older it can get worse you might want to look into it a bit more
Reply:If your face gets red, then these are early signs of rosacea.

Symptoms %26amp; Progress Of Rosacea

You may first notice sudden blushing or flushing on the center part of your face. This may spread to other parts of the face such as cheeks and forehead. After some time, this redness becomes permanent. With further development, small papules and pus-filled small spots develop. They look like acne. That is why rosacea is also called adult acne. But unlike acne, there are no blackheads. It is thought that, rosacea is a defect of the facial skin blood vessels.

As rosacea develops, you will observe fine veins red in color appearing on the affected area. They look like spider veins. Apart from depression and anxiety, that are the results of the social embarrassment a patient faces, rosacea can also lead to a red and bulbous nose in men. Many rosacea patients suffer from eye problems. They get a gritty feeling in the eyes and also redness and itching in eyes and eyelids. Sometimes, serious eye problems may develop. It is necessary that a rosacea patient consult the doctor about his/her eyes.


Will I get saggy skin after losing weight?

I'm 21 years old.

5' 7.5"

I weigh 243

I want to lose 113lbs.

The thing I'm worried about is that I lose weight pretty quickly without trying to! If I just watch what I eat and exercise, I lose about 3-5lbs. a week. I weighed 251 in the middle of last week, but after eating light and going to the gym, I'm already down 7 pounds.

When I mention this, people often think it's related to how much I weigh now. However, when I was younger my highest weight was 185 and I dropped down to 163 in about a month with only attending my high school Physical Education class! I had no saggy skin then, but I was 15.

Is it likely that I'll get saggy skin after losing this weight?

Will I get saggy skin after losing weight?
this is hard to answer because everyone is different. you have your age going for you, you're young so your skin should 'snap' back more than someone older.... make sure you're doing resistance (weight) training as well, this will help. No one can say for sure if you will or not, it is possible that you will have loose skin. don't let that deter you though, a bit of loose skin is nothing as compared to the health risks caused by being overweight.
Reply:yes you will have excess skin hanging from your arms.
Reply:it depends on the elasticity of your skin, and whether or not you lose the weight too fast. the reason why gastric bypass patients have saggy skin afterward is that they lose the weight SO quick.

i say lose the weight regardless. you can always fix it later. lose it slowly and in a good way.

Young ladys out there do you fancy bald men?

Im 24 years old and have had enough of my ever thinning hair on top! I can see my scalp through my hair! I want to shave it with some clippers no.1 or 0.5! I have dark hair and eyes, pale skin in winter! i havent had a girlfriend since school! Im attracted to women a couple of years younger than me in their early 20's but think i will never get a girlfriend now im going bald!!! Im big built and 6'3! Shall i shave it? im sick of brushing it forward to try and cover the thinning spots! Will women still think im good looking? I always loved my hair and think once i shave it, i will look old! Its making me feel old! Please put your age so i know where the opinions are coming from! Thanks! I dont know if it will look good!

Young ladys out there do you fancy bald men?
Depends on who the guys is.